Who we are and what we do:

Weselldeadlots.com is creating great opportunities for companies to sell their non-moving stocks to buyers all over the world and for buyers to purchase stock lots at a bargain.

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Weselldeadlots.com sells stock lots like distributor’s overstocks, wholesale clearance stocks, overproduction stocks and bankrupt stocks in order to supply their customers in the retail and e-tail.

Experience of 15 years:

We can assist suppliers to sell their stocks as early as possible because we have various  and tremendous number of clients from long time as we have 15 years of experience in on/offline deals.

Brand image and privacy:

Our prime goal is to protect supplier’s identity, hence brand name and company image cannot be damaged.

How we are helping:

How we are making a difference? ; We are helping the stockiest to keep their stock maintained by clearing it and giving them a great platform to sell their non-moving materials.

We help to bring hard cash for the dead stocks. Opportunity for Buyers We are creating an extraordinary open door for buyers from all over the world to purchase any suitable lot from many listed stocks.


Building trust is the key of our success so it is most important for us to have a solid relationship with every single customer resulting in long lasting relationship.

We have a great team working 6 days a week, coordinating and finding buyers to sell supplier’s non-moving stocks.

Focus on Win-Win Relationships:

We want a win-win relationship where we both can benefit from the deal mutually and everyone gets the value they deserve.


We like to surprise purchase managers and entrepreneurs with our diverse assortment. If you are looking for a way to boost your assortment, please contact us. 

Focused region for sellers:

Our main focused region is GCC for sellers.

Focused region for buyers:

Buyers can be from all part of the world

Why we have started it:

We were buying stocks online through webuydeadstocks.com, we were unable to buy all the stocks, and it means there is a room for online platform for this niche market. So for us that’s the best decision we have made to open our market for world, so we all can benefit from us.